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3 Things Mac

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3 Things Mac

Most of Mac's more embarrassing traits have been exposed already.

the Fangirly tendencies and such ^^;

21st February 2013

3 years ago #9368539      

@pisio It means they buy big socks. (Plus other things)

5 years ago #8750378      

@JustAGirl I don't. What do they say?

5 years ago #8732733      

You know what they say about big feet! XD

5 years ago #8726082      

Mac, i feel for you! Also when did Jared get so sassy, I like it!!

5 years ago #8724166      

I love jared i think hes my new favorite

5 years ago #8723474      

I just found out something new, that a man can have his own tramp stamp. Teehee XD

5 years ago #8723122      

and he's also one of the funniest :D

ok he is the funniest :)

5 years ago #8723112      

that (IS) the male form of a tramp stamp.

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