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There is a method to her madness.

16th August 2012


6 years ago #8488702      

*snerk* Maybe you should turn around before you say she's missing.....cause it looks like her aim is just fine to me~

6 years ago #8487111      

What would Glompy say if she saw this?

6 years ago #8487033      

Oh~ Does Suzie have a crush?

6 years ago #8487021      

Lol SuziexJared

6 years ago #8486086      

Yaoi Bow master achievement get

6 years ago #8485772      

love is madness... that's why i prefer to stay single.


20 M
6 years ago #8485544      

I was right! Love at first sight, baby! ^D^

6 years ago #8485541      

Time for a 'Shop.

6 years ago #8485435      

Just like i sad in the last comic "Crack- Pairing"

6 years ago #8485432      

Best or worst pairing ever.

Although, I fear for humanity should this pairing come to pass.

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