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He didn't forget, but DANG that's going to be convenient.

4th April 2012


6 years ago #8285742      

Oh, the irony. The painful, painful irony.

6 years ago #8284590      

my god. he has either the ultimate excuse. or the ultimate way to get killed. not sure which yet...

6 years ago #8281913      

Poor Brad. He was really under lots of stress.

6 years ago #8281060      

Well, that's not a very nice way to start a relationship. Plus, your screenname has the same initials as Akira Toriyama. Coincidence that two of the best people on Earth have the same initials? I think not. (Akira Toriyama is the creator of DragonBall Z for those who didn't know.)


25 M
6 years ago #8280355      

Poor Antonia. Your anniversary takes a back seat to pratical jokes.

6 years ago #8279926      

"Surprise buttsex!" Should've been a funnier way to start the day.

6 years ago #8279545      

Brad's face in the last panel, so awesome xD

6 years ago #8279416      

I was kind of expecting her to say "April Fools you idiot! Our anniversary is in July".

6 years ago #8279080      

I would be very worried that it's all a joke if I started dating someone on April 1st.

6 years ago #8279051      

I haven't forgotten an anniversary yet... I have ti written down alongside my darling's birthday.... I'm adhd so I have to writ things down..

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