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A gender-bend of the whole cast.

If you are wondering why Brad is still Brad...There was a girl named "Brad" on the show "hey, dude" on 90's nickelodeon.

He is convinced it's a girl name (though I don't know the validity of that ^^;)

2nd April 2013

5 years ago #8983725      

I think a gender-bender comic should be introduced, like the whole plot is that the entire cast unknowingly enters some kind of alternate world through a gate or something. Just imagine Brad meeting his female counterpart Brad! Or Glompy and Glompert!! Or Mac & Mackenzie!!!

5 years ago #8788597      

YURI HAMMER! I has 1 to

5 years ago #8787199      

We need some comics of this

5 years ago #8783806      

LOL! For a second without my glasses and just glancing at the screen antonio looked like he had that weird super thin italian stache xD


5 years ago #8781454      

Awesome artwork. I wish mine was that good.

5 years ago #8778676      

Oh, and by the way. I love you two in genderbend, They complement each other features, even at a change of gender, though the roles within the relationship changed slightly.

5 years ago #8778660      

Gloria would end up getting loved gracefully by a violently playful fanboy in the near future. Despite the fact that Gloria would also still drive the Candy Van.

5 years ago #8777229      

Mmm, Jenny looks lovely in a snarky sort of way and Scarlet's too cute for words.

5 years ago #8777029      

Apparently Greg's stalking becomes adorable when he's a girl. xD

5 years ago #8776642      

This is strange...

But I loved Scarlet too much!! :D

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