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Pinup Gai is all the manly we need!

6th June 2013

5 years ago #8867292      


Something for you


25 M
5 years ago #8857970      

Put that poster on the front door Antonia, it'll scare all the moochers away.

5 years ago #8856926      

Something tells me he meant he wanted it to be more pleasing to men's eyes rather than actually 'manly'. :P

5 years ago #8856853      

Actually, I would love to have a Gai poster. XD

5 years ago #8856810      

All Gundam materials are fully approved for making a basement more manly.

That Gai pinup is slated for moon banishment, however.

5 years ago #8856523      

Yeah baby yeah!

5 years ago #8856471      

Oh yes, Pin Up gai you are amazing....
I wish Mongrel sold those... They would line mike and my home (once we found one)

5 years ago #8856407      

Jojo's Bizarre manliness >: D

5 years ago #8856404      

... The only thing I can say is what Brad said the first time he seen pinup Guy. "It intimidates me."

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