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Boys Night

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Boys Night

Crashing the party.

9th August 2013

3 years ago #9369557      

Both options sound pretty good to me (execept for the drinking, I'm too young anyways)

5 years ago #8926136      

Damn! Go Jared! Then again, I wouldn't say no to wine or cookie dough on any occasion!

5 years ago #8925942      

wow Jared I want you to be my friend too. but i don't braid hair but i would love to learn how to shoot a gun. :D but I am 13 poo

5 years ago #8925395      

I'm so jelly of Jared, I want my hair back already! x'P

5 years ago #8924027      

Jared haz one him so--...some MAN POINTZ for bein okaaay with the I a..applaude him. *claps out loud. And this was a poor Jontron-style-talk to type sorta thing that I guess failed immensely*

5 years ago #8923968      

wow. jared must really like you if he's tolerant enough to let you braid his hair. awesome.

5 years ago #8923780      

boys night is much more fun than girls night anyway. id much rather play video games in my underwear while drinking beer and eating pizza. and a night at the shooting range? hell yes.

5 years ago #8923678      

I'm trying really hard not to laugh because I'm on the phone with my bf and its all serious and stuff >.< hehehe This comic is so funny!

5 years ago #8923626      

Well, Brad's heart was in the right place, but Jared is ok with either course of action.


25 M
5 years ago #8923620      

I honestly did not think Jared was that kind of guy.

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