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Brad humor

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Brad humor

Ellie, as Brad's sister.
and myself as Brad's girlfriend can contest.

Brad really is this corny.

it's painful, yet strangely amusing.

15th May 2011


6 years ago #8364100      

It was vastly amusing.

7 years ago #8227307      

ohgod he's like my friend Griff.....

7 years ago #8227006      

I like it!

But I'm a "punny" guy.

7 years ago #8226305      

that was a fairly amusing pun

7 years ago #8226207      

lol it WAS funny!! :p
i shan't apologize but i enjoy puns

7 years ago #8226059      

I just realized (and I have been reading these comics for a good couple years now) that Ellie has stars in her eyes. Does that mean something?

7 years ago #8226051      

I love how you add 'Painful, yet strangely amusing' XD

7 years ago #8225904      

I have a really good feeling that Ellie and I would make good friends.

7 years ago #8225578      

even though he's goofy and corny at times, I still admire brad for his genuine, warm hearted nature. You got a good one Antonia- cherish him always.

7 years ago #8225456      

At least he knows how to lift his own spirits. xD

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