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Brad Romance

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Brad Romance

The adorable little sister swoops in every time.

No matter how sweet the time with Brad is, sometimes it's just too tempting to drop it for the promise of fun girl things ^^

No hard feelings...right Brad?

4th June 2011


6 years ago #8248932      

I would say I know how he feels, but I don't. I've never even had a girlfriend.

7 years ago #8227015      

Awww poor Brad.

Well-when you gotta go, you gotta go.

7 years ago #8226927      

awww >.< he almost had that kiss

7 years ago #8226308      

Yeah i atually have a girl-friend who has a little sister who refers to me as her step-brother

7 years ago #8226177      

Hmmm...romantic and sensual evening VS. Shopping...

;A;...I personaly cannot decide!
Maybe a guy can gimme a back rub while I walk around thhe mall looking at stuff. >3>

7 years ago #8226172      

poor brad ^^

7 years ago #8226140      

awww i do that to my husband

7 years ago #8225950      

poor brad. i bet he kind off wish he did not have a sister right now

7 years ago #8225942      

Poor Brad, shopping wins everytime.

7 years ago #8225865      

Poor, poor Brad.

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