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Christmas gifts

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Christmas gifts

Showingthose fangirls a little holiday cheer!
Thoughtful gifts are the best ^^

Have a holly jolly minecraft Chrissssstmassssssss!

23rd December 2011


6 years ago #8351657      

O_o Creeper face???

6 years ago #8290648      

Is that Hetalia sketches i see in the background of the second panel?! YAOI ENGLAND YAOI!

7 years ago #8227609      

Yay Minecraft reference :D

7 years ago #8227486      

i waaant a yaoi swoord toooo , with blue flames please :D

7 years ago #8227478      

@ crazyseandx please tell me you're joking...

7 years ago #8227473      

Wait... That picture in the 2nd pannel... (pleasetellmetogodthatyoudidn'tforgettoaddstitches)

7 years ago #8227460      

I wouldn't be surprised if that sword was really an 8-bit item that you stole from Link lol

7 years ago #8227435      

Susie :D

7 years ago #8227434      

..Just oh my god..I saw the sword and automatically it screamed minecraft at me..but then..the Creeper joke..this just made my day so much..oh my god..

7 years ago #8227431      

@Akumaken Creepers gonna creep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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