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Trying to switch up some attire...

Some folks just aren't into that I guess ^^;

20th July 2012

4 years ago #9063053      

My closet is nothing like that, all my shirts are orange-rust, all my jeans are blue and both my favourite hoodies are yellow!

5 years ago #8837149      

I remember that episode

6 years ago #8477557      

To be honest. I've always admired people who could commit to a non-materialistic lifestyle. ^^

I've even contemplated trying that myself.

6 years ago #8461576      

Hahaha!! Is this for real? It just seems so possible XD

6 years ago #8455952      

*googles* OH THAT DOUG! And suddenly my childhood hit me like a ton of bricks.

6 years ago #8452623      

o.o jared has no funny bonezes ><

(btw i take tiny offence to last panel me love doug)

6 years ago #8450570      

and now I miss that show XD

6 years ago #8450056      

Beautiful Doug reference. Love it.

Although, I do gotta wonder,does this mean we're gonna see perpetual heels on Antonia now?


21 F
6 years ago #8449450      

lmao "Doug Funnie" XDD

6 years ago #8449307      


Looks like he's like me.

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