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The Easy Way 34 minutes ago #9626972      

It's almsot weird how true this is. Me and my family were in a resaurant in Austria, with a big Jesus statue on the wall, everyone desperately tried to ignore it.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 1 hour ago #9626971      

Why do they force us to run 3km in under 25 mins in the freezing wind? I think I'm sick now, and got hypothermia.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 1 hour ago #9626970      

March, right? Start of March?

Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 1 hour ago #9626969      

We have them here too... but they're disguised as focusing on different parts of a topic of a subject.

It was quite obvious when I was in grade 2. Red was the top group for English (I was in that), then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and violet. I don't remember, but there were 8.

Topic: Corrupt a Wish AU AU 1 hour ago #9626968      

I wish to be sick so that I don't have to go to school tomorrow.

Wish granted, that'll be 1.43 trillion Dirlandic króĭúnúr.


13 F
Topic: Eurovision 2017 Thread 2 hours ago #9626967      

I think my winner is possibly Armenia, but Macedonia is high on that list, as well. :)


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170 - Stealth 2 hours ago #9626965      

Raccoon = Not happy with the idea.


13 F
42 - Storefront 2 hours ago #9626964      

Why would you be scared? It's only StupidFox! :(


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113 - Various Views 2 hours ago #9626963      

Looking at everyone in different ways, is just so fascinating!


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131 - Seasonal 2 hours ago #9626962      



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Topic: Preferences 2 hours ago #9626961      

I prefer StupidFox over SatW.


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Topic: It could be worse! (Forum Game) 2 hours ago #9626960      

@superluke222 yeah :XD:

Also, welcome! :wave:


13 F
Topic: The Banning Game 9 2 hours ago #9626959      

Banned for being older than me.


13 F
Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 2 hours ago #9626958      

@lbisno1 Me! image


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Topic: Preferences 2 hours ago #9626957      

@SydneyCarton yeah.


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Topic: Preferences 2 hours ago #9626956      

@hejsanhoppsan yeah! :happy:

How to break Iceland's spirit 2 hours ago #9626955      

Banana on pizza or just with marinara sauce is actually really good. I ended up trying that combo back in the 90's after watching a "Doug" episode where Doug and Skeeter accidently end up innovating banana pizza and got it into my child's brain to give it a shot.


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Clean up your mess or else 2 hours ago #9626954      



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Climate Conference in Copenhag 2 hours ago #9626953      

@QuietTale Me too. And I love Sweden reaction towards him. xD


16 F
Drunken Party 2 hours ago #9626952      

And what are you doing under the table Finland??


16 F
Drunken Party 2 hours ago #9626951      

"Yeah, time for bed. Come Germany"




16 F
Kindred Spirits 2 hours ago #9626950      

@poodle_doodle Hahahah!! How could I not notice that!!?? xD

Mother's Day Card 2 hours ago #9626949      


American: "My family is part German, Italian, Irish, African, Chinese, Jewish, Native, Spanish, Dutch, Persian, and Indian."
Brit: "How sporting of your mother!"


33 M
Love and Tentacles 3 hours ago #9626948      

@CaliforniaAmazon A verse from "Part time lover" by Stevie Wonder note tha last line...
We are undercover passion on the run
Chasing love up against the sun
We are strangers by day, lovers by night
Knowing it's so wrong, but feeling so right


16 F
Doctor Strange 3 hours ago #9626947      

@Ouran-After-High exactly ;)


15 M
Topic: Preferences 3 hours ago #9626946      

I preferred Obama over Trump.

Topic: The Banning Game 9 4 hours ago #9626945      

Banned for jealousy.

Love and Tentacles 4 hours ago #9626944      


Congratulations! I wish you much success.

Topic: 2017 WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX 4 hours ago #9626943      

Frankly, I'm surprised the U.S. isn't lower...

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