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Ladybug around the world 5 minutes ago #9755623      

@SchrodySweden just curious, do you call the frozen water on a stick popsicles or icypoles

Topic: What's on your mind #151 8 minutes ago #9755622      

@Rosin this site :D


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Questionable Invasion 34 minutes ago #9755620      

I like this picture so much!


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Topic: What's on your mind #151 52 minutes ago #9755619      

@csizmawarrior What works?

Proper Greeting 55 minutes ago #9755618      

@SchrodySweden True.

Topic: Ask about Russia (part 3) 56 minutes ago #9755617      

Now that is weird oO When I was arguing with him there was no such data. I'm sorry I have given you the false information.

Anyway, simple village to city migration and marriages with people of other ethnic groups change the population quite drastically in the beginning. One parent is Vesp, other parent is, say, Russian - boom, their baby is Russian and half the Vesps are "gone", simply naturally assimilating into the main population.

Favorite Friends 57 minutes ago #9755616      

@SchrodySweden So is your avatar!

Topic: Wife-Carrying is a actual Finnish sport. 59 minutes ago #9755615      

Wife carrying is starting to catch on here too....redneck games are redneck games. I knew i liked the Finns for a reason

You'd think America would love it 1 hour ago #9755614      

@SchrodySweden , we do.......mostly.....thankfully my wife is a wound care nurse

You'd think America would love it 1 hour ago #9755613      

@Rogers yeah.......we're kinda notorious for that. It's why our wives and girlfriends have that permanent eyeroll expression.

Come and get it Big Boy 1 hour ago #9755612      

@Jennifer_Pevensie ...I have found my people

Thank you so much Petrov 2 hours ago #9755611      

@FreeFreddy That depends on the mechanism to open the hatch on the silo. it might have also had some form of fail safe to ensure there's nothing heavy enough on top of the silo that could fall in and damage it (I know I'd build that sort of fail safe.. I would not want some form of debris falling in and hitting the expensive, delicate and one shot missile. But thats just me and I worry about that sort of thing)


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Topic: The Game of Banns Season 13 2 hours ago #9755610      

Banned because omg


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Topic: Associations #17 2 hours ago #9755609      

And mrs excuses, the perfect couple to palm off anything to anyone!


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Topic: What's on your mind #151 2 hours ago #9755608      

I went to sleep almost two hours ago, couldn't fall asleep and here I am. Welp, new try.

148 2 hours ago #9755607      

Sound Of Silence
Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly is creeping
Left it seems while i was sleeping
And the vision
That was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound
Of silence...


23 M
Topic: What's on your mind #151 2 hours ago #9755606      

@Wortel Huh? December came fast.

Topic: Corrupt a Wish Foundation 12 2 hours ago #9755605      

Granted, but it's some kind of weird Russian food that looks like it's going to eat YOU!

I wish for a lemon meringue pie.

Topic: What's on your mind #151 2 hours ago #9755604      

@MeddlingAmerican Don't worry, it won't eat much. :XD:

Topic: What's on your mind #151 2 hours ago #9755603      

@MeddlingAmerican The little girl in Stephen King's novel Firestarter (played by Drew Barrymore in the movie) was named Charlie, though it was short for "Charlene". I rather think that's how "Charlie" as a girl's name got started, just bypassing the full, conventionally female, version.

"Shirley" used to be a name for boys. Then in 1840, Charlotte Bronte came along with her novel Shirley, in which the title character - female - was given the name because her parents had wanted a boy. The book became popular, and mothers began naming their daughters "Shirley", which at the time must have sounded like a girl named "Charlie" sounds to us. It was never a particular common name, until Shirley Temple came along in the 1930s, and the name became a very popular girl's name and totally killed it as a boy's name.

And a bit of dialogue from the old Dick Van Dyke Show. Laura Petrie is talking to her neighbor Millie, who has started writing poetry:

Millie: You know, my husband says I look a lot like Joyce Kilmer.
Laura: Millie, Joyce Kilmer was a man!
Millie: I'm going to kill him!

Topic: SPOILER ALERT: 2 hours ago #9755602      

Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Loki, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Groot, Hawkye, Bucky, Starlord, and the rest of the guardians of the galaxy except Rocket dies. Thanos gets stabbed in the chest by Thor but still manages to click his fingers and kill off half the universe, it then has a very bad ending.

146 2 hours ago #9755601      

@Aryllia Well the most cynical being in the universe is on his neck...

145 2 hours ago #9755600 is a real website, it's just this tho...
This webpage was generated by the domain owner using Sedo Domain Parking. Disclaimer: Sedo maintains no relationship with third party advertisers. Reference to any specific service or trade mark is not controlled by Sedo nor does it constitute or imply its association, endorsement or recommendation.


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Tall food is good food 2 hours ago #9755599      

Please elaborate on 'American Food'. Like, McDonald's? Cracker Barrel? Denny's? A BBQ place? Chicago Pizza place? Any other Americans want to add fast food places where they are? Because I've found that food saying it's from one country is very different from a place claiming to have native food. Egypt, Chinese, Japanese, Southern, Californian, Great Lakes, New England (DON'T EAT THE CANNED CHOWDER IT'S FAAAAKKKEEEE), Mexican, Canadian, basically everywhere. It's different from the native country (Or region).

Greatest Authority 3 hours ago #9755598      

wait Scotland is going to flip this shit he's meant join the Nordics XD

144 3 hours ago #9755597      

@Nj4217 pretty sure that was supposed to be obvious...

143a 3 hours ago #9755596      

Finally!!! A PiLoT one!!!

Topic: Film Forum 3 hours ago #9755595      

@ClaraLovesSATW2 I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!

141 3 hours ago #9755594      

@Hexx Also, Snippy may have seen and ignored it (biomatrix would have killed him already if it wanted him to die)...

135 3 hours ago #9755593      

@Whammytap Pretty sure they don't...

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