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Topic: Architecture 16 minutes ago #9774721      

@uktana of all the things our Western theme at the Scout camp did wrong, the Tipi/Wigwam thing actually went right!


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Topic: Where is this? [guessing game] 21 minutes ago #9774720      

@SpikeTheNerd nooo, not NZ


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Play date 58 minutes ago #9774719      

@evildeuchland68 turn out u has a jewish dna so u were a litle asian and trump as fat as kim... image


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Traveling Light the Finnish way 1 hour ago #9774718      

@BETAOPTICS They tried their best, burning my feet.

Bye bye ambassador 1 hour ago #9774717      

@turtleguy1134 yes magical Denmark :D

Traveling Light the Finnish way 2 hours ago #9774716      

in germany ve travel with deisel nothing else

Play date 2 hours ago #9774715      

@Zuperkrunch ach not kim jong fatty hes to asian


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Difficult Love 2 hours ago #9774714      

@EUcomicartist Mostly any decent love story is a better love story than Twilight.

Traveling Light the Finnish way 2 hours ago #9774713      

I relate to Denmark



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Makeover of 2016 2 hours ago #9774712      

This comic really hasn't aged well since the economy's been booming ever since Trump took office, lmao


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Topic: Deleted Comments 2 hours ago #9774711      

Yes- im sorry about it, honestly didnt even notice it until Mixu pointed it out (browsed satw on my phone, which sometimes registers button press even when im not pressing on it.. and coincidentally that phone lags a lot too (old phone)

Potato shaped like a potato 2 hours ago #9774710      

Have you asked to get them made with less NaCl?

Topic: What's On Your Mind #152 2 hours ago #9774709      

Yesterday I saw a group was raising funds for the US Border Patrol and Customs Explorer program. They basically let youth 14 to 20 years old shadow border law enforcement, shipping crate checks, and aviation product checks in order to prepare them for a future in law enforcement. Didn't even know about this. Apparantly its been around since the 1970s though.

Most of us were respectful passing by into the nearby stores, but you could tell some idiots with sneers and raging eyes were silently and misguidedly blaming all the border woes on these law enforcement teachers and youth present. Man to heck with those idiots. Someone has to stop biological warfare weapons from being snuck into the country and that's the folks these kids are training to be.


15 O
Topic: What's On Your Mind #152 3 hours ago #9774708      

No, I definitely prefer my hair long,
so I have to wait... :stare:

Traveling Light the Finnish way 3 hours ago #9774707      

@Mixu To be fair, I do not think this is fair for them because they don't likely know all the details of Sauna and why they are exactly the way they are here.

They tried their best, and that effort and love of the concept is good enough for me at least. It is adorable. Easy for us to say when it is steeped deep within our culture. Kudos to them for doing their best. Sending love and adoration! <3 =)

Play date 3 hours ago #9774706      

Exactly. Fuck their human rights, they're immigrants


14 M
Topic: World Cup season is the only time when Germans find it accep 4 hours ago #9774705      

It just feel weird, I mean... couldnt you just already accept the fact that everything is now okay? And that isnt even Nazi or Kaiser flag. Its bloody Weimar flag.


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Traveling Light the Finnish way 5 hours ago #9774704      

@Zuperkrunch Well next Trip is to Savonlinna in Finland, so nah.


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Topic: Deleted Comments 5 hours ago #9774703      

@Meelis13 Ipad. And so what? I would have still founded it possibly.


14 M
Topic: Rate the Song Below You! 2 5 hours ago #9774702      

@MeddlingAmerican Because he is being followed, until I got enough of him.

Topic: Ask anything about Sweden II 5 hours ago #9774701      

Have scientists discovered yet why in the village of Vittangi in Sweden that 40 or so of the 784 residents are incapable of feeling the sensation of pain? I assume its something genetic, but what exactly is passed on? Have they found out?

Topic: Rate the Song Below You! 2 5 hours ago #9774700      

Why is this catchy? ... dammit! XD 6/10


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Traveling Light the Finnish way 5 hours ago #9774699      

@Mixu u need mobile sauna for your next trip..start to browse it on internet now.. :yes:

Topic: Deleted Comments 5 hours ago #9774698      

So, the deletion of comment #9774015 was an accident, or?

Topic: What's On Your Mind #152 6 hours ago #9774697      

Beautiful, I wish I could do it as well ...


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Traveling Light the Finnish way 6 hours ago #9774696      

@ImportViking set fire to the man? Not dead... image

Play date 6 hours ago #9774695      

I never denied nor admitted such a thing before. It is merely an expression.

Play date 6 hours ago #9774694      

Sadly, that I do not know.

Topic: Would you rather...? 6 hours ago #9774693      

An opera, because I’m classic that way.

Topic: Kids of gods 6 hours ago #9774692      

Oh my gosh—

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