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Comment #9329029 - Acero Tiburon

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Comments #9329029:

Proud 26 2, 1:28am

Dear AceroTiburon

I just wondered if you are okay. I don't know you, but I'm a bit worried about you. I don't want to lose you or your comic. It is wonderful and I check your website all the time in case of an update. Although I'd get sad if this is your last post and that you have stopped making the amazing art of yours, I hope that you as a person are okay. I hope that you aren't hurt or anything dangerous. Most likely you stopped making art for some reason only you know, but I hope you are fine. I guess you won't read this comment if you no longer are at your page, but I love all the comics you have made up until now. Thank you so much for making my day countles times, and no matter if you make more, have a good life

Best regards
One of your fans OcanaFall

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