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***I'm aware of the typo in the last panel, been trying to replace the file for weeks and it refuses to cooperate! Please bear with this technical difficulty***

Communications through a series of high-pitches clicks and squeals......

Fangirls are like dolphins XP

16th October 2013


21 F
5 years ago #8990303      

Hey, loved this one quite a bit, but FYI, bottom panel reads "Any now they're bleeding". Just so you know :)

5 years ago #8985800      

Do I spy with my little eye your ex?

5 years ago #8983714      

Note to self: bring earmuffs around fan girls

5 years ago #8982700      

HA! Every con ever I seen these people!
*Crocodile Hunter Voice*
Man how do they differentiate between different calls?
Crikey Nature sure is a mystery.

5 years ago #8982650      

Human ears were not built to handle the squees of fangirls


25 M
5 years ago #8982469      

Maybe it's a good thing you got left behind.

5 years ago #8982348      

O-O Is that Pete that I spy!!!

5 years ago #8982335      

oh hey is that Pete and his girlfriend?

5 years ago #8982244      

Yeah, fangirls are like dolphins... except they are not smart :V *shot*

5 years ago #8982195      

And Bronies are like people who like to shout "PONIES!!!!!!!!!!" when finding fellow bronies in a crowd. I'd know...I AM one. :B

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