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living with men is gross and unfair.

unfair cause i would never trot around in such little attire,

and gross cause thay walk around in their underwear like they own the place.

16th June 2011

5 years ago #8850086      

I wear pants though... And a shirt... And a Trench coat... (I have issues with normal clothing)

6 years ago #8279951      

hey.. I laze on the couch shirtless...or with a robe..I also do the cleaning XD
hey when we're alone me and my darling just hang around naked (msotly cuz we're in cali heat and I'm minnesotan....)

7 years ago #8227600      

@Akumaken I did once and i had to use all of my mind bleach to remove that image from my retinas

7 years ago #8227491      

don't walk into my room when i'm playing xbox...

7 years ago #8227443      

Really, that is quite annoying.

7 years ago #8227039      

Oh, look! Mac is Cosplaying as my husband! It's beyond not fair that men can do this, but women can't. Especially in August in Florida.

7 years ago #8227038      

is that COD i think they're playing?? LOL

7 years ago #8226986      

If I walked around the house like that I swear someone would knock at the door and I'd have to answer it.

7 years ago #8226971      

I hate when my father does this but I have no room to complain. I do the same thing when he's not around, and occasionally when he is (no one is awake when I am so it's perfectly fine to make coffee while standing around in my underwear.)

7 years ago #8226744      

If I walk aroundin my bra, my mom yells at me...

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