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Trevor teaching Glompy to drive.

The blind leading the blind?

8th December 2012


5 years ago #8723456      

Oh Glompy. I hope nver to be in the same room as you.


20 M
6 years ago #8630289      

Put a Tracker on that Glompy!


25 F
6 years ago #8626420      

Oh Glompy, you so silly!

6 years ago #8620330      

I knew it!

6 years ago #8610911      

Do something will break uke in this drift.

6 years ago #8610862      

Oh what her insurance must look like

6 years ago #8610744      

What the fuck did I just read?

6 years ago #8610696      

That kind of looks like my house... O_O;

6 years ago #8610672      

of corse it was glompy! it all makes sense now XD

6 years ago #8608459      

So thats how it happened

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