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well it is....kinda
(though i dont get the obsession for it)

lucky for me when i go to cons i room with sensible people like and

but all too often i see people walking around begging for food cause they blew their money on various anime junk.

also people who stay up 3 days straight because they refuse to go home or failed to prepare a hotel room -__-;

not that is bothers me...i'm just like... really?

XD but still fun to know people can live the hardcore conlife like that


10th May 2011


6 years ago #8227768      

its good food!

6 years ago #8227597      

A friend brought pocky to school a week ago and i tried some... I must not be a weeboo 'cus i didn't like it. q(-_-)p

7 years ago #8227036      

pocky is called mikado here LOL
and the stuff is mourish as hell! I hate that I love the stuff XD

7 years ago #8227005      


I'm afraid I would be like that too if I saw something I really wanted.

We just had our convention here too.

7 years ago #8226553      

i could live off pocky, its the best thing ever =D

7 years ago #8226304      

ive also wanted to go to a con and What the frack is pocky?

7 years ago #8226257      

Dude...I hate cons. I love 'em but hate 'em. I need to buy EVERYTHING DX. doushinjis are something I must have, but can't get them, I find the table last and I'm broke by that point. -Is going to save all moneys for con in Oct.-

7 years ago #8225959      

pocky sticks ;__;

I wish I wasn't on a diet

7 years ago #8225389      

xD If I was there, and she said that to me, I'd been like "...FOR WHO?!" I seriously can't stand Weaboos e.e"

7 years ago #8225253      

sadly I do the same... :(

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