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Topic: ||-// 26 minutes ago #9778644      

tbh I still love TOP, but I really wish they could go back to being a full band instead of being just a duo. If memory serves, Josh wasn't there during the first album, but I'm sure he would sound just as good if not better while playing with more people. The first album is by far my favorite.

Topic: Corrupt a Wish Foundation 12 39 minutes ago #9778643      

@Wortel At least I can pick my Buick out of a crowd in a parking lot. My previous car, a Saturn SL-1, was so generic, and of such a non-descript dark gray color, that I was always losing it in the parking lot, then had to wander around like an idiot in the area where I thought I parked it. It was funny that I could park it, walk away about ten steps, turn around, and it was gone!


My running gag with that one was that I was going to put a hood ornament on it shaped like a snail, so that when I went down the street, everyone would say: "Just look at that S-car go!" :D

The Buick not only has an unusual paint job (a metallic brown color that the company calls "cashmere metallic"), but it has a long nose (to accommodate a 6-cyllinder engine) that usually sticks out a bit from the parking space.

Topic: Corrupt a Wish Foundation 12 50 minutes ago #9778642      

@Wortel It's warmer than that here, but we get off-and-on rain. As the line from the movie Rear Window goes: The rain doesn't cool things off, it just makes the heat wet.

Topic: Corrupt a Wish Foundation 12 52 minutes ago #9778641      

@Wortel I've been going through a lot of ice in the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness it's free.

The front office was saying a couple of years ago that they were going to replace all the AC units in the building, but they never got around to it.

Topic: Corrupt a Wish Foundation 12 54 minutes ago #9778640      

@Wortel :yes: Never mind the flying cars and the jetpacks - I'm still waiting for the self-adjusting clothing.

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