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Crazy girls and their inability to take compliments ^^

I adore Ellie!

wee are always telling eachother how pretty we look...

and we never will believe eachother, but that's what friends are for ^^

28th September 2011


6 years ago #8432855      

Yep damn nice skinny friends always trying to lie to us fattys but that's why I love them

6 years ago #8432856      

Yep damn nice skinny friends always trying to lie to us fattys but that's why I love them

7 years ago #8227505      

A friend will lie for you. A best friend helps you hide the body.

7 years ago #8227455      

I remember this one nighmarish event where I let my hair down to fix my ponytail and my friends said I looked good w/ my hair down but I like my hair up so I put it up again. Then they said for me to take my hair band out and let my hair down and so the made a grab for my hairband so I screamed like a girl and ran away. I hid in a bathroom stall in the fetal position and then my friend went into the stall next to it climbed ontop of the seat of the toilet and popped up from the other stall and hung her face into mine (screaming) and I screamed like I was in a horror movie. Then I ran out shrieking up the stairs and hid near a book case.

7 years ago #8227018      

^_^ You do look very cute to.

7 years ago #8226885      

And to those comments about understanding women....

I totally understand them...
A little too much ;B

7 years ago #8226884      

I don't beleive them because my mother used to pick out my clothes untill I was 12....
Now she reminds me of how deathly I look.

7 years ago #8226834      

As Rihanna and Eminem said: "I love the way you lie".

7 years ago #8226828      

Sometimes girls don't believe me when I compliment them, either. XD

7 years ago #8226819      

that's true but i read something different somewhere though XD
"good friends will make you feel better,but great friends will always tell the truth"

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