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'Moocher' would have been more appropriate if you ask me.

23rd August 2012


5 years ago #8711093      

Y401 = YAOI? Cool. Japanesepeople wouldread 801 for YAOI... I think you knowalready.


6 years ago #8523883      


6 years ago #8512283      

Screw Hikaru and Kaoru, I'd go for Kyōya.

6 years ago #8502992      

1337 Y401 F4|\|74rd LOL

6 years ago #8497258      

xDDD. Y401...I see whatcha did there....

6 years ago #8496817      

An OHSHC reference, *squee*! Seriously, this is just awesome. Also... Hikaru is the correct answer to that question :D

6 years ago #8495725      

for a moment I thought the last panel would have been the girls reading Antonia's fan-fic out loud. But this is pretty good for a payoff too.

6 years ago #8495213      

Y401 = mindblown.

6 years ago #8494541      

OOOOO i seee SOOOO many fun things coming from this :3

6 years ago #8494214      

Captain Ouran Yaoi Buttsmex? O_O

That's a nickname that won't come back to haunt him in the future. XD

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