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Greg's Secret

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Greg's Secret

THAT'S what Greg is hiding under those huge glasses.

The fact he's a bishi ^^;

Despite his bad attitude, poor skin care, and creepy demeanor....he has beautiful eyes.

looks like those fangirls have met their match.

(silly Susie! those aren't paddles XD)

8th June 2011


6 years ago #8432907      

I knew it!

6 years ago #8363927      

I thought he was hot before O///O

6 years ago #8331513      

haha spiked and studded paddles ouch thats gotta hurt

6 years ago #8227771      

its so true!

6 years ago #8227631      

O-O i like susie's paddles :3

7 years ago #8227614      

Eyes are bishie cute but the acne ruins the vibe

7 years ago #8227599      

My eyes color-shift from icy green to a grey-blue. I win...:P

7 years ago #8227498      

Meh...I can withstand those eyes easily.

7 years ago #8227442      

Oh well it was bound to happen. There's such things as yaoi paddles? I saw this play where when the dude took of his glasses he was super strong and ripped. It's classic I guess but I never thought it would actually happen.

7 years ago #8227309      

omg...that's me...only I have good skin care....and I'm kinda nice...just not that social irl....

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