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Jared's locks are a force to be reckoned with.

I'm secretly jealous >___<

29th March 2013

5 years ago #8856857      

Your long flowing manes are lovely. But nothing beats the funky goodness of an afro. XD

5 years ago #8781456      

I think everyone mostly is.

5 years ago #8764925      

Girls I know are always jealous of my hair.

It's one part emasculating and nine parts ego boosting.

5 years ago #8764817      

Just lol'd.
So fucking hard that my sides went through the roof.
They're flying out so fast that they're breaking through the stratosphere.
Trailing off bits of skin and muscles out as they fly their way out into space.
The trajectory takes my sides to a narrow flyby around the moon, slingshotting them out into Saturn.
They're facing the unknown.

Oh, and I did happen to imagine a Scottish man's voice when I read that.

5 years ago #8764208      

XDD wonderful

5 years ago #8764204      


5 years ago #8764076      

I can settle who has the best hair. It's Scott

5 years ago #8763779      

This is pretty wonderful, but my hair would not compare with that sort of competition.

5 years ago #8763775      

Not so secret anymore. :P

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