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No one will be staring at the fangirl ears, that's for sure...

3rd November 2012


6 years ago #8570482      

lolXD nice!:3 at least it isnt cat ears:D

6 years ago #8570143      

I cant say much XD I have a collection of animal ear hats

6 years ago #8569062      

You still have the tail.
although they might be staring at your butt instead. ;3

6 years ago #8569044      

Yeah, the tail! .......I'd stare at that all day.... *Is shot by Freya*

6 years ago #8569010      

Won't they all be staring at the tail?


25 M
6 years ago #8569002      

Look at the bright side, come easter, you'll be prepared already.

6 years ago #8568999      

it is an intresting hat

6 years ago #8568873      

Oh, the hilarious irony. XD

Sweet background poster, BTW. :)

6 years ago #8568844      

Lol for 2 mins i kept laughing!

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