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Actually I think Scott was one of the few people who didn't give me any flack about my new eyewear ^^;

That's cause he was my friend....
before it was cool OwO
*is beaten to death*

16th April 2012


6 years ago #8406006      

I was mainstream before it was cool.

6 years ago #8307699      

you should get laser eye surgery if you can afford it

6 years ago #8300571      

i wear glasses too, i hate contacts, or anything in my eyes....

6 years ago #8299978      

Heheheheh, Meganekko...

6 years ago #8299761      

I used towear glasses, but they were black and almost circular. To make things worse, i have a scar right in the middle of my forehead so people kept calling me harry potter. I should need glasses again soon. This time, i'm getting rectangles.

6 years ago #8299471      

XDD oh scott

6 years ago #8299133      

lol I only have to wear them for driving so this never happens to me thankfully, though I did once forget to take them off, it's like when people realise you're wearing a hearing aid. "You're deaf, omg, no way!" lol

6 years ago #8297807      

Ahaha, this is funny. I don't wear glasses unless I'm reading (I'm farsighted), but this is still pretty funny to me.

6 years ago #8297481      

I all ways wear glasses. makes me feel like a super hero or something when I push them up or take them off.

6 years ago #8297454      

Man, hipster jokes never get old. XD

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