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Well, we do owe Jared for letting us stay at his place for 6 months.

But Susie is right ^__^;

How do you rid yourself of octopus? O___O

21st May 2013

5 years ago #8847352      

Susie, want to win Jared??? Discover his deepest secrets and do a cosplay of his favorite fandoms :3

5 years ago #8841169      

Jared you have a Crossbow! USE IT!!

5 years ago #8840911      


5 years ago #8840507      

I can't stop laughing!

5 years ago #8840170      

How to get rid of an Octopus-Face named Susie:

....give her my number to go out sometime. :I

...if she wantz it...

5 years ago #8839603      

I love how she's wearing one of his shirts xD


27 F
5 years ago #8839484      

You have to do it the Batman way, Octopus spray repelent!...what!? O.o if he has shark surly he has octopus XD!!

5 years ago #8839396      

Hmm, if it was actual octopus I'd say boil linguine and threaten to serve it with ink sauce.


25 M
5 years ago #8838844      

This particular species of octopus has no natural predators, there's nothing willing to eat something like that.

5 years ago #8838843      

i love jared.. <3

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