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With friends like that who needs enemies I guess....

9th July 2012


6 years ago #8446495      

Nevermind, it does it for me...

6 years ago #8446494      

@cyp (don't know how to or if I can reply on Ipad) I actually meant person or object wise but thanks for the info...

6 years ago #8439420      

@SoapyWhisk when you are trying to wound something and not kill you always aim low meaning the legs. but i like your dirty mind....

6 years ago #8439417      

crossbows do not have laser beams. also they are really heavy.

6 years ago #8436327      

@luffy more important, who is supossed to be Tex?
and I think mac would fit best for tucker

6 years ago #8435640      

@madjackal then who is tucker?

6 years ago #8435290      

@madjackal OH MY GOD HE'S RIGHT

6 years ago #8433733      

This somehow reminds me of Caboose and Church from Red vs. Blue.

6 years ago #8433607      

Typo is fixed, sorry about that everyone ^^;

6 years ago #8433356      

Oh dear lord! XD

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