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I think having pizza on the floor of your new place is a right of passage or something.

The key part....not so much -___-;

15th April 2013

5 years ago #8811301      

My friends would do this if I got a house.

5 years ago #8804751      

...Glompy spoke in something other than fangirl...


Granted, it was only three words, but still!


25 M
5 years ago #8794537      

I know what it's like having friends who get under your skin

5 years ago #8794094      


to be fair Jared is the Daryl Dixon of atcomic

5 years ago #8793423      

I'm counting 2 spares

5 years ago #8791553      

i guess this means a new lock system for you.

5 years ago #8791541      

Holy fuck! That shit costs money, replicating keys and everything.

Meanwhile, yes. Pizza on the clean floor is a rite of passage for new homes. :3

5 years ago #8791283      

i was wondering when the others would like do stuff XD
there's been a lot of jared in previous stuff

5 years ago #8790790      

this made me :) (smile)

5 years ago #8790619      

......and the flowgates are now officially open with those 12 keys. May the new-house gods have mercy on thine soul, Antonia. ;u; lol

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