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Old Skyrim meme is old, but that's Brad.

Old worn out corny jokes. The scars from that crossbow are no joke though O____o

26th June 2013


15 F
5 years ago #8883881      

Lol, there's adds at the bottom for knee replacements, knee surgery....


15 F
5 years ago #8883879      

Ow...I'm wincing at how bad that must've hurt and how corny that joke is XD
Hope you have fun at the convention!


16 F
5 years ago #8882695      

you know in the time period skyrim was set in that actually meant getting married? so he basically just married Jared...

5 years ago #8882545      

Bet that itches like crazy when it rains

5 years ago #8880630      

i'm kinda interested in the story around the scar. i mean how DID it happen?

5 years ago #8878938      

I'm pretty sure "taking an arrow to the kneee" was old scandinavian slag for geting married. Witch is why guys get on one knee to ask their girl to marry them! ^-^

5 years ago #8878397      

I knew this was gonna happen from the moment I saw the title :p


16 F
5 years ago #8878339      

ooh Brad. So corny, it hurts.

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