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Try that logic with Glompy sometime.

Pretty sure Jared's mustache would be singed off.

27th December 2012

3 years ago #9366420      

Eye laser counter attack!

6 years ago #8661202      

Can you please~ do some some live streams? :3
Cause, cause it'd be really cool and um i just want to watch you draw. But not in the weird way of course .... :3

6 years ago #8643998      

XDD love this sooo much

6 years ago #8640118      

Something sad: it took me this long to realize that that was a mustache and not just a really weirdly shaped mouth. I'm a little pathetic.

6 years ago #8639419      

You're wrong Jared. They're butchering TWO already existing languages.

6 years ago #8633799      

Oh, Jared you ever delightful killjoy. XD

6 years ago #8633695      

Bushyface desu desu tacoshell longcat?


25 M
6 years ago #8632628      

Whenever my friend calls me Baka, I just say, I love you too sister


20 M
6 years ago #8632066      

Mustaches are immune to Kameha waves. And Lazahs!

6 years ago #8631838      

ha ha :XD:

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