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Oh dat Mac....

4th September 2012

3 years ago #9355994      

As bad as stealing free samples?


6 years ago #8523882      



20 F
6 years ago #8513120      

Mac is just 2 awesome

6 years ago #8510982      

i kind of know how Mac feels. Food is very expensive now thanks to the droughts this year and it's sometimes difficult to afford it. Plus I kind of hate grocery shopping and spending money that I need to pay the bills and other things. so I only get the basics. though i will share my secrets of success: buy in bulk and often times, generic.

6 years ago #8507558      

I hate shopping and spending money. So when I lived by myself, I didn't mooch off of others, I just went without. Not very good at taking care of myself. :(


25 M
6 years ago #8505897      

I said it before and I'll say it again.

I am slowly losing respect for Mac.

6 years ago #8504248      

Dat Mac- so awesome in your leechiness.

6 years ago #8503832      

guy surrounded by fan girls. >:) o this will be fun

6 years ago #8503394      

I know many people like that. Especially at my d&d games. I can't afford to be the person who covers the bulk of the food since I am job hunting but I always make sure to bring something. i would feel to much like a leech otherwise when at a continual event. a one time thing however......

6 years ago #8503363      

Well....can't argue with free food...well you could but it'd be pointless XP.

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