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Looks like I'm crashing "boys night", cause I was left for dead XP

5th August 2013

3 years ago #9369552      

At least you probably will get some pizza, which is nice...

5 years ago #8922820      

I really hope this didn't happen to you in real life because it happened to me all the time with... just about everything. Rejection hurts. perhaps the 3 of you should get those girls back... revenge of the fantards!

5 years ago #8922759      

Idk if this actually happened, but if it did, I'm sorry that they were complete bitches for doing that AND for not telling you the situation.

Idk why but I'm kinda jealous of Jared....but why?

5 years ago #8922637      

oh i would be so pissed.

5 years ago #8922444      

Ten bucks says her revenge shall be glorious.

5 years ago #8922254      

I cant wait for your revenge. >:D *evil laugh*


25 M
5 years ago #8922150      

You get stood up by your buddies, Jared and Brad's guy's night is ruined. Everyone suffers.

5 years ago #8922145      

that sucks and you should get back at them

5 years ago #8921797      

crash away dear! get them drunk, naked, AND GET REVENGE ADVICE!

5 years ago #8921673      

I REALLY hope this never happened to you in real life .__.

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