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little sister

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little sister

for the first few years of her life he though she was a house cat XD and are a pair.

brad picks on her the way older brothers do...and ellie goes with it.

they both do it jokingly and that is whats so hilarious about it.

if you have been wondering about the weird posting times and the massive amounts of posting lately...

here is the answer...

i got confirmation that i will be doing an artist table at matsuricon this summer August 19-21st

im excited cause they usually have really good artists like who does the tasty peach studios.

my friend offered me to go in on it with her and I'm taking the opportunity to get a book out with some of my best work, not to mention other things to sell at an artist ally table. (its been YEARS since I've done a table so I'm nervous)

book should be done by July and i will keep you posted!


11th March 2011


6 years ago #8366450      

I look similar to Ellie except glasses and no braces.

7 years ago #8227216      

@WeegeeWillFindYou Im a middle child with two bros who are carbon copies of each other........

7 years ago #8227010      

Awww she's ADORABLE!

7 years ago #8226638      


7 years ago #8226342      

i wish my sister was that way

7 years ago #8226298      

Wish i had a sister, it would probably be better than the demon of a little brother i have anyways

7 years ago #8226238      

My sister has the some haircut as ellie. Shes only 2 and doesnt know her.

7 years ago #8226208      

Ellie looks exactly like me in every way.

7 years ago #8225765      

aww i wish i had an older brother...

7 years ago #8225401      

Awww ellie is so cute X3

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