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Should have worn my Mrs. Robert Downey Jr shirt ^^;

19th June 2012

3 years ago #9355923      

Gotta love the "easter egg" in the background XD

6 years ago #8543329      

Tom Hiddleston *drool* :3

6 years ago #8503002      

The hulk wasn't even at god-mode when he basically raped Loki... "Puny god!"

He mah nigga.

6 years ago #8408226      

I really am the only one who hasn't seen it.

6 years ago #8404509      

Omg I just saw that last night it's so bad ass

6 years ago #8401044      

Practically everybody in that movie was extremely hot.

6 years ago #8400923      

I'm fairly certain if she knew what he did she wouldn't think he was so hot.

6 years ago #8400726      

I'm a thor fangirl myself...^.^

6 years ago #8400269      

that movie was so fun,

6 years ago #8400036      

this is why i wanted to see it besides loving these types of movies.
Iron Man = Hot
Captain America = Hot
Thor = Hot
Loki = Hot
and even Bruce Banner when he isnt all hulked out is cute

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