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Apparently Jared doesn't take to kindly to our lovey dovey talk.


28th January 2013

5 years ago #8691233      

Jared is Jealous

5 years ago #8689323      

omg i love the beatles reference in the back ^_^

5 years ago #8687650      

is it me or did jared really liked the "has a great hair" from last comic???

5 years ago #8687433      

Oh crap....My heart stopped for Brad! XD

Jared looks as sexy as ever of course! X3

5 years ago #8687224      

I see what you did there... Tom Preston, Niels, Zee Captain and Stupidfox on the picture at the last panel as The Beatles.

5 years ago #8686110      

Awww! Jared looks so happy! ^_^

5 years ago #8684216      

Interesting background pcitures

5 years ago #8684057      

No one likes lovey dovey talk unless it's their own


25 M
5 years ago #8683869      

That love talk does get on the nerves. I would never talk to my girlfriend like that.

5 years ago #8683857      

ha ha cute

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