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Trevor wasn't kidding, the fangirl squealing really did make his ears bleed XP

He also wasn't kidding about being proud ;)

31st October 2013

3 years ago #9422937      


3 years ago #9410790      

well im calling it we gave it 2 years but it look like this one dident make it. time of death 11:36 10/2/15

3 years ago #9369621      

Hi AceroTiburon, I just wanted to say that I'm really sure that the people of Mepsu would like to see your "Apartment 401Y" comic on this site. I know that you put it on you're DA, but many people may not check it, so yeah, hopefully you'll decide to post that new comic on here. Have a good day! -Mr Maestro 1

3 years ago #9329029      

Dear AceroTiburon

I just wondered if you are okay. I don't know you, but I'm a bit worried about you. I don't want to lose you or your comic. It is wonderful and I check your website all the time in case of an update. Although I'd get sad if this is your last post and that you have stopped making the amazing art of yours, I hope that you as a person are okay. I hope that you aren't hurt or anything dangerous. Most likely you stopped making art for some reason only you know, but I hope you are fine. I guess you won't read this comment if you no longer are at your page, but I love all the comics you have made up until now. Thank you so much for making my day countles times, and no matter if you make more, have a good life

Best regards
One of your fans OcanaFall

4 years ago #9188043      

It is impossible for this comic to ever die! Now as long as Max Ryder is a part of it!

4 years ago #9113157      

For all the people asking where she is at, her dA profile has a post in January saying that this spring she was going to be splitting the comic into two segments so I assume that is when she'll be back.

4 years ago #9102647      

It's been a long time since this comic has been updated, I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda concern. Anyone know if Acero Tiburon is ok? :-\

4 years ago #9097424      

Did this comic... died?

4 years ago #9096476      

So that's it then? This comic series is just done?

4 years ago #9089431      

Ahh, bronies. Personally I don't get it, but I have a lot of friends who are bronies (is a girl who's a fan of My Little Pony still called a brony? If not, my pool of brony friends just shrunk). Just started reading your comics. They are amazing. I really like the way you draw and your topics are interesting. I look forward to the next comic nearly as much as I do for Humon's next comic.
Please post soon.

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