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this is actually a remake of an older comic.

had to edit it so it is printable.

also added scott for extra fun ^^

and trevor is the same spaz he was in the original comic!

but yeah any poor college kid can tell you.... ramen is not all it's cracked up to be....infact most of the population gets pretty sick of it ^^;

23rd May 2011


16 F
5 years ago #8974400      

For over 3 1/2 months me and my mom could only afford ramen and the occasional fruits and vegetables....I never want it again EVER.

6 years ago #8227816      

Ramen's kinda okay but I don't eat it unless I have to rush to fencing in 15 minutes and don't have the time to make something that isn't a bowl of heart attack.

6 years ago #8227665      

I love Ramen. It's my go-to.

7 years ago #8227439      

I like the spicy ramen with eggs cuz that actually takes good. But some ramen brands taste good. But I went camping and had this really bad brand and nearly threw up but some people were so hungry they knawed on it.

7 years ago #8227206      

never had to survive on them, but i do like them, i was addicted to them when i was younger though (GRILLED CHEESE AND RAMEN NOODLES WEWHEW)

7 years ago #8226937      

I think that free Ramen would be cool since I have a great ramen recepie. :3

7 years ago #8226552      

the school was giving out free p.o.r.n.? wow....
p= package
o= of
r= ramen
n= noodles


7 years ago #8226460      

I hate packaged ramen, but I actually had some hand-made, fresh ramen at a Japanese restaurant once and it was pretty damn good.

7 years ago #8226258      

I love Ramen, it's kinda the only thing I can make myself, that and hot pockets.

@YukikoYumi: OMFG! Seriously! :C

7 years ago #8226234      

I looooooove ramen. I've always eaten it but before I started watching naruto, i only knew them as regular noodles. I'm
only 11.

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