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I get constantly reminded that I'm a city girl through and through.

27th September 2013

5 years ago #8983721      

Living in a rural area myself, I do tend to see a lot of wild animals. Even the Tractor Centaurs the most and the horse buggy!

5 years ago #8972757      

I blame monsanto for the near-extinction of Tractor Centaurs. Meanwhile. I've never had your problem, Antonia, for I'm an outsider everywhere I go. :D

5 years ago #8971035      

The Tractor Centaur is a magnificent beast that was once almost hunted to extinction. Now thanks to the efforts of tractor conservationists, the Tractor Centaurs' numbers are once again on the rise and in 2009 they were taken off the endangered species list. With any luck, these magnificent beasts will once again roam the great soy fields they once called home. To help, donate to Tractor Centaur Preservation fund or visit us at

5 years ago #8970349      

You should come to New Zealand sometime, we are the kings of 'pretending we're urban when we're actually rural as hell'.

Case in point, I have a flat in town. I am 15 minutes walk from the centre of town. I also have a neighbour 4 doors down who keeps a goat & two sheep at their place, and my backyard fence directly borders onto a farm field. Which occasionally has cows in it.


20 M
5 years ago #8969915      


Also, really? Deer haven't been eating your garbage? DAMN ENVIRONMENTALISTS! Getting me worried that wildlife is getting closer to home... WELL, Back to the heat of Arizona.

5 years ago #8969711      

Tractor Centaurs are the worst.
Every time I go to hunt one the police show up.

5 years ago #8969235      

ahhhh, the tractor Centaur :)

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