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The fangirl virus strikes again.
(you have to go really far back in my gallery to get the store line for this, however in the next few comics you will get a crash course in it)

I'm unsure what episode number that is bit i had 5 different people alert me to it when it aired... you all know me so well >w<

7th December 2011

6 years ago #8227642      

i only go into fan mode for naruto

7 years ago #8227610      

I saw that episode...Yeeaahhh if your a fan of gai and your a girl your fan girl ears are gonna show 100%

7 years ago #8227507      

I stopped watching it when it first came out. Uzumaki is a lot les tolerable with a voice. Looks like I need to pick back up on it though.

7 years ago #8227458      

Oh noes!

7 years ago #8227387      

ears AAH!

7 years ago #8227275      

@Akumaken To late. ;)

7 years ago #8227274      

@Geo Go sexual intercourse yourself.

7 years ago #8227273      

Psh....flippin' fangirls >___> lol.....but i must say, Antonia looks great with grey cat ears XD lol

7 years ago #8227271      

@Akumaken I'd be happy to do it for you

7 years ago #8227268      

My exact words when I first read this:

Psh, Gai in a speedo... *googles* That has got to be the cree-- OHMYGAWDHOT

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