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a follow up to this comic

okay i shouldnt have hit her....but c\'mon.

but really if you didnt catch that.

nani is japanese for \"what\"

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
Himitsu wo Shiri tai....well.... it\'s STYX

and angela is to absorbed in her fandom to care what i long as it the most \"super awesome kawaii desu anime-tastic language ever\"

happy thursday everyone

14th April 2011


6 years ago #8472365      

Wait.. I draw manga and speak thrases in japanese such as Mom, B***ed, stupid/idiot, yes and "Dani dakede wa watashi o nokosu!".... GOD NO, IM A WEEABOO!

6 years ago #8279351      

Lmao xD

7 years ago #8227437      

lol the expressions.

7 years ago #8226993      

I think this is very cute!

7 years ago #8226561      

STYX is the band that sang Mr. Roboto

7 years ago #8226380      

I'm so, so sad that whenever I say 'I can speak Japanese' people automatically assume something... like... this TnT. I really can! Look, *holds up Trilingual certificate*

7 years ago #8226267      

Watashi wa sorera no yōna superfans o gaman dekinai. Kanojo wa baka no yō ni omoeru.

Translate this on google.

7 years ago #8226253      

Wow....that's frightening....
I hope to never met someone like that. None of my friends pull that shit DX

7 years ago #8226171      

Don't apologize. I woulda hit her again.

7 years ago #8226004      

@Yurayura29 The avatar made that comment better (to me at least..)
But anyway.. < STYX.

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