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Tea Party

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Tea Party

I think the other fangirls fear Glompy just as much as I do.

It's been a few years since their "fangirl names" have been mentioned. Did you remember their names? I didn't I had to look it up XD

20th February 2012


6 years ago #8460350      

do not fear glompy, love her

6 years ago #8227776      

@kibilover if you make a declaration maybe it would be best to spell 'wait' correctly

6 years ago #8227769      

glomping will rule the world just wate and see!

6 years ago #8227765      

Maybe you should make aseries when you try to rid glompy of thr fan girl virus, at least temporarily

6 years ago #8227763      

XDD poor least give her her own box of cookies

6 years ago #8227762      

@Aceritiburon the advantages of being a real woman rather than a fangirl or a little sister, huh?

6 years ago #8227761      

-is trying to build an immunity to the fan virus- please don't let me get a sever case please let it at worst become mild. But in truth i don't even want to get that far.

6 years ago #8227759      

But Greg got bit. Shouldnt he be locked up too? ..... you can lock him up in my room >_>…<_<…>_<

6 years ago #8227758      


my EYERYTHING out classes all of them (drawing proportions my sholders are broader and my waist twice their size, My character body type is closer to how i draw males)

6 years ago #8227751      

she can't reach the cookie that teach her to bite people

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