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That's not a joke..... IT'S A PICK-UP LINE!

but as the lady said, have a happy thanksgiving ^^
(or atleast enjoy your day off of work/school, thats what i'm doing)

22nd November 2011


15 F
6 years ago #8557673      

Oh this is great, I collect pickup lines!

7 years ago #8227185      

OMG!!! this is the funniest thing eva!!

7 years ago #8227180      

well that's one way to get pie in his gonna die for that pun aren't i?

7 years ago #8227173      

Pff-I'm canadian we already had thanksgiving last month. Dunno why. *shruggity shrug*

7 years ago #8227167      

Great comic!!!
Me: *face palm* oh my god lmao
Hubby: I like that line!
Me: Use it and I'm carving you up instead of the turkey.

7 years ago #8227159      

Nice save!

I wish we had Thanksgiving here in NZ.

7 years ago #8227158      

My ex used that line :l

7 years ago #8227156      

I actually like that line! I think it's cute! =D

7 years ago #8227155      

FAIL. That was just so full of it

7 years ago #8227154      

That was... sweet? XD
( The pie, the pie =P )

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