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Troll date

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Troll date

if i had so spend an evening with glompy id be like fuuuuu too ^^;

20th July 2011

6 years ago #8227636      

hay! id love a date with glompy. >:( shees perfect

6 years ago #8227447      

Lol. The end let me get changed, though i'd get drunk off a gum drop oceans and pixie stick beaches.

7 years ago #8226988      

Aww poor Glompy.

Love his masks.

7 years ago #8226560      

I just started reading these today so I don't know the names well, but the cat girl is exactly what I HATE about anime fangirls. It's like you rolled up everything I want to kill and she's what came out

7 years ago #8226465      

LOL Troll Travis. XD

7 years ago #8226430      

My brother has a megusta face.

7 years ago #8226347      

I want the Fuuuuu mask too!

7 years ago #8226345      

@SammLurveHarryPotter I wanna see a Forever Alone mask, maybe if Glompy ever leaves him? .... Then again, I'd be happy.

7 years ago #8226331      


7 years ago #8226314      

omg thats scary. travis is scary.

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