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I'm curious if you can dual wield a hand crossbow now O_O.

12th July 2012

6 years ago #8455000      

good thing it's not the 10- firing rapid crossbow. or good luck.

6 years ago #8444518      

actually yeah you can, before repeating crossbows were invented it was actually pretty common
the idea was to fire one and then drop it and fire the other to give you two shots before you had to reload

6 years ago #8441827      

if huntress can do it then so can you!

6 years ago #8439415      

I heard good things about compound bows, but they are a bit too expensive for me... about dual wielding a crossbow, not likely... they are very heavy. also you need both hands and a lot of strenght yo load one.

6 years ago #8439402      

a crossbow? use a bow...

6 years ago #8439398      

a crossbow? why not a regular bow? crossbows were created and are efficient when defending a castle. for hunting a bow is better.

6 years ago #8437861      

I want one!

6 years ago #8437832      

@killaudio his mustache covers it up i think

6 years ago #8437796      

He has no mouth?

6 years ago #8437778      

whatever stopped you from dual wielding before?

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