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Criteria for dating Carmen... "Is he cute?"
Criteria for dating Susie... "Does he shoot eye lasers?"

8th November 2012


2 years ago #8594710      

I'm a mix between lasers and bishie... Depends on my mood ;3

2 years ago #8585618      

Yes! I have a shot with Suzie

2 years ago #8583037      

I fail in both categories. Dang it. I'll be forever alone.

2 years ago #8575585      

Lol, Video Eyewear is much better than lazer eyes. Ahhhh, the wonders of augmented reality.

2 years ago #8575415      

Susie has some interesting tastes in men... :3


25 M
2 years ago #8574454      

Eye lasers? Would she settle for Control over shadows?

2 years ago #8574450      

That's a very personal perception! XD

@pisio: Fangirlism...

2 years ago #8573984      

What about cute people that shoot eye lazers?

2 years ago #8573878      

dawwwwwww >v<Susie has a crush XD

2 years ago #8573838      

I must learn to be cute.

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