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***not trying to hate on anyone.... i just hate the stereotype of weeaboo given to otaku because of irresponsible fandom***

glompica (angela) asked for it

sorry about all the convention themed comics lately.... but i have one at the end of the month so its on my mind.

this was a situation that happen at otakon in baltimore where i held the elevator of a girl who asked me to....and that was her response....though i didn't hit her ^^;

if you are unaware of what a weeaboo is then go urban dictionary it,

if you are unaware what arigato means.....listen to styx....because as far as i am concerned that's the only appropriate way to know. (kidding)

but story short a weeaboo is a mean thing to call someone who is not of asian decent but is completely obsessed with asian culture....

hence those pretentious fangirls who think they know how to speak japanesse from watching anime and their ultimate goal in life is to go to japan like ts the holy land or something....become a manga artist and eat pocky and ramen for the rest of their lives screaming "KAWAII-DESU"

it chaps my ass because people like that have created a sterotype for everyone who is in anime fandom and because of dip shits like that we all get thrown in a category of obsessive ignorant nerdy fan-tards.

the majority of us are intelligent sensible people.... and some of us kinda start out in that "weeaboo" stage of nerdom and thats okay but the whole idea of acting in such an obsessive way puts a very negative sterotype on the genre and in a way hurts the industry itself by not making it sociably acceptable to like anime or be an otaku.

i for one couldnt care less about going to japan, learning the language or even watching an anime subtitled (though i do watch it alot that way) much rather watch a GOOD dub in my opinion....cause if i wanted to go get the manga.

i like anime.
i like the art.
i like the stories.

and i like cosplay.

end of story ^^;

*rant complete*

happy saturday everyone

15th January 2011

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