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shopping - Acero Tiburon

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girly comic is full of GIRLY is tiny and cute...
and i am....well i'm cute ^^;

makes it awkward to shop but hopefully some of you can relate to that senerio.

or that women clothes make no damn sence when 0 could be an actual pant size and a size 10 is a 2 at the gap!

men clothes are easier
36x34 inches...done

evens are women
odds are junior
small is large large is small

its hard to be a fashionable lady sometimes -__-;

but i hope all of you have a happy tuesday anyway !

22nd March 2011

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7 years ago #9355633        

Sounds ridiculously hard to understand, coming from a guy's view :(

11 years ago #8227804        

OH MY, I wished I had a real size. Reading makes me realize how sad my size is. >.<

11 years ago #8227757        

I work at a clothing store and when I found out there was a size called 0 the only thing I could think of was a Jon White joke

Person 1: what size is she?

Person 2: she doesn't have a size

(though Ron White was talking about the weather)

11 years ago #8226830        

i have the same trouble... well same but slightly different... i am like not even a size 6 in some clothes... i am constantly trying on hundreds of clothes, before going to stores with odd ladies sizes like 5's and 7's... and buying $200 on 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts....

but i AM only 13 so maybe i'll grow in the near(ish) future.... all my friends are like size 10- 12!!!

11 years ago #8226812        

i was more confused when i got stuck shopping and saw size -2

11 years ago #8226300        

Its simpler as a guy, i havent changed my clothes in almost 5 days, havent taken a shower in almost three days, and i dont ever go outside so i dont smell bad, yep im a guy

11 years ago #8226248        

People think I'm small and I'ma size 2. I don't actually have problems picking out clothing, but bras are an issue since I'm in a limbo area ><; It's like my back and by chest aren't equal to one another. I'ma size c, buy like B bras so they fit my back X<

11 years ago #8226132        

Don't those stores know that REAL women have curves?

11 years ago #8226049        

i really hate it when stores size you up. in this one store their 'Large' was 4. it's really stupid! and me having a chest, makes it hard to find bigger tops, that don't show them off. Dam stores...make a real size D:

11 years ago #8226041        

As a small girl, I have to say that finding super small sizes like a 0 is nearly impossible. Then when you do they never all fit right. Big and small girls both have the same problems when it comes to shopping.

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